You Must Know This When You Make A Custom Hat With Your Original Design

You Must Know This When You Make A Custom Hat With Your Original Design

Using a hat with an attractive design will certainly give a different impression on your appearance, then knowing how to make your own hat design can be learned to be able to make the right design. Indeed you can make the design as you wish but if it is not considered aesthetic then, of course, the appearance will not be optimal for viewing. Then there are various things that you must pay close attention to before making the original design for your custom hat.

You will certainly be proud if you use a hat with a design that is made only for yourself and can not be used by others. Then the design must also be considered and planned properly so that the appearance looks right in accordance with the desired style. So of course to maximize the results you can not carelessly apply how to make your own design hats even though it all depends on your taste.

Here Are Some Things To Look For When Making Your Own Design for Hats:

Consider what kind of design domination you can use, be able to use a logo or certain writing as you wish.

Make the design of the logo or text in accordance with the size of the hat to be made, so that it will not look too small or it will later appear lame when printed on the hat material.

Consider the fonts and colors that are applied to the design as attractive as possible but do not cause an excessive impression. It is better not to give too many ornaments in the design because it will give a less cool impression when seen.

Adjust the design color with the basic color of the hat material to be used. If you really choose a hat material that does not have a lot of color choices, then adjust the design so it doesn’t contrast with the basic color of the hat

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