You Must Consider These 5 Points To Prepare Your Wedding Budget

You Must Consider These 5 Points To Prepare Your Wedding Budget

When planning a wedding, preparing a budget is something that must be done as soon as possible. Calculate what needs to be paid, the payment system, to the distribution of parties who will pay clearly and precisely. It’s because financial problems at weddings are crucial and sensitive issues. Apart from that, if you require an excellent yet affordable wedding venue, you must take a look at the Tuscan Gardens.

Here are 5 points that you need to consider and pay attention to before preparing a wedding budget:

1. Before the wedding day

Don’t forget that when setting a budget, it’s not just the wedding party that needs to be thought about. Many things must be considered such as money that has been used to buy an engagement ring for example. Or if you and your friends want to throw a bachelorette party, even if all the costs are borne by your friends, there is always the possibility you need to join a joint venture to pay for drinks or transportation home.

2. Check the Event Rundown

Check the wedding rundown to see the small needs that may arise but have never been thought of before. For example, family transportation costs for moving from the wedding ceremony to the reception location, to the makeup artist transportation.

3. When Reception

Do not forget to arrange any reception costs that will be spent. Set priorities, ranging from buildings, decorations, catering, invitations, to wedding souvenirs. Everything must not escape from recording. Includes entertainment costs such as renting band, string or DJ performances that will enliven the event.

4. Pay Attention to Details

Pay attention to details that will be spent on dressing yourself, your spouse, bridesmaid, to family members. For the bride herself, not only for wedding clothes, you need makeup artists, hair accessories, shoes, and even small things like brooches to perfect your appearance.

5. After the Reception

In addition to other things before the reception and when the reception, of course, there is a need after the reception that is also no less consuming budget, namely honeymoon. Clearly calculate the cost of lodging, travel, various tickets required, airport tax to transportation costs and shopping needs that will be needed when traveling on honeymoon.

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