You Can Do These Tips To Choose The Best Tonneau Cover

You Can Do These Tips To Choose The Best Tonneau Cover

In choosing a tonneau cover, you also have to be careful because there are some tonneau covers that instead of protecting and protecting the tonneau, actually cause fungi and make the paint fade due to the unsuitable material. Meanwhile, you can visit the tonneau factory outlet if you need some new tonneau covers.

Here are some tips to choose the best tonneau cover:

Choose a product that matches the shape of your truck

First, understand what your truck looks like and how big it is. This is important because the tonneau covers for trucks are small, medium, and large. If the truck cover size is too small, there will be areas that are not properly covered. So that in this area it becomes susceptible to scratches due to dust, and paint that becomes dull due to rain or direct sunlight. Conversely, if it is too big, the tonneau cover can open or come off easily when the wind blows. Where this condition will leave many gaps for the dust to slip in, it can also potentially cause small scratches on the tonneau.

Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Second, you also need to pay attention to the location of its use. Please note that the tonneau cover material for indoor and outdoor is not the same. Indoor tonneau covers do not have to have water resistance up to 90% or 100%, usually only function to protect the tonneau from dust and scratches. On the other hand, the outdoor tonneau cover must be at least 85% water resistant and also heat resistant, so that it does not leave faded stains from the cover material itself or even melts because it will damage the tonneau. So, use the best tonneau cover that matches the location of your truck when parking!

Full Cover or Half Cover?

If there is a closed garage or only part of the tonneau comes out of the garage, the half cover type can be an option. Apart from being more affordable, this type of tonneau cover can be easily removed. However, if you usually park your truck outdoors, the full cover type is perfect to choose from. This type can protect all parts of the tonneau from dust, sunlight, bird droppings, cat paw prints, and scratches, as well as all other possibilities.

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