Why Your AC Is Not Cool Enough?

Why Your AC Is Not Cool Enough?

It is important to have the englewood air conditioning service number on speed dial, especially in the summer. Because you never know when your AC and you need their help. One of the most common problems with AC units is indoor AC is on, but outdoor is off. Problems like this very often occur in the field, the steps to deal with AC not cold like this are:

1. Make sure the mode on the remote is in the Cool position. Don’t go in Dry mode, because in this mode it’s only for turning on the FAN motor and the Outdoor unit doesn’t get any electric current, on the other hand, if the cool mode is to turn on the FAN fan and the compressor engine.

2. The fashion settings on the remote control are correct, but the outdoor unit won’t turn on either. Now try to check on the AC Thermistor, is it working properly. This equipment acts like an automatic so that the compressor can standby after the column temperature reaches a temperature equal to what we set on the remote. In this case, we have discussed in the post for the thermistor in AC, you can read and learn in that post.

3. This kind of problem is usually indicated by a live outdoor, but only the fan is turning. Usually, this occurs when the capacitor is damaged, with a marked bulge on the upper part of the capacitor.

4. The sign is almost the same as the damage that occurs on the capacitor, if you have checked the capacitor is good or changed to a larger dimension, but the engine is always carrying or can turn on but the engine sound is aggressive, you can check the amperage by using Clamp M.

The trick is please clamp the clamping jaws of the Ampere Tang between the two cables (–) and the cable (+) on the outdoor shipping cable. The solution could be that it’s time for you to change to a new AC.

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