Why Every Production Need Maintenance

Why Every Production Need Maintenance

Maintenance in an industry is one of the important factors in supporting a production process that is competitive in the market. That is why a technician or operator needs to get vapro opleiding training. Industrially manufactured products must have the following:

– Good quality
– Reasonable price
– Produced and delivered to consumers in a fast time.

Therefore, the production process must be supported by equipment that is ready to work at any time and is reliable. To achieve this, the equipment supporting the production process must always be maintained regularly and planned. Maintenance: A combination of various actions taken to maintain an item, and repair it to an acceptable condition. Caring in the sense of “an acceptable condition” between a company is different from other companies.

The establishment of a maintenance department in an industrial company with the aim so that industrial machines, buildings, and other equipment are always in optimal condition for use. And to ensure the continuity of production so that it can pay back the capital that has been invested and will eventually get a big profit. Who has an interest in the maintenance department?

1. Investors
2. Managers.

For investors, care is important because it can protect the capital invested in the company in the form of buildings and production equipment. It can guarantee the optimal use of company facilities and long life, guarantee the return of capital and profits, ensure the survival of the company and identify and control maintenance costs and develop useful operating data to help determine future cost budgets.

For essential care managers in hopes of helping:

– Protects buildings and factory installations against damage.
– Increase usability and reduce the idle time of the equipment.
– Controlling and directing employees.
– Improve the efficiency of maintenance parts economically.
– Maintain safe installation.
– Recording of expenses and work costs.
– Prevent wastage of tooling spare parts and materials.
– Improve technical communication.
– Provide cost data for future budgets.
– Measuring the results of factory work as a guide for taking a policy in the future.

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