Why do Brands need To Use Digital Advertising?

Why do Brands need To Use Digital Advertising?

Today the internet is no longer an expensive item. Roughly speaking, we can see that almost everyone has used the internet for their daily activities. Of course, this is an opportunity that can be used by companies to be able to massively promote their products and brands. A more targeted target market is also wanted by advertisers. The coverage may be broad, but what about the target market? This question is also one of the reasons why companies hesitate to use digital advertising. Some of the insights available on internet products allow companies to extract data from their users. This data can be in the form of user profiles, interests, and behavior. And this data can be used by advertisers to determine which target market they want to achieve in their promotional activities according to the product being marketed. Of course, promotional activities will be much more effective and more targeted. Another example of targeted or data-driven advertising is ott marketing. By utilizing data from video streaming users, they can place more accurate ads right in front of their screen during streaming services.

Multiple media choices make entrepreneurs choose digital marketing for brands. Digital media allows you to use a wider variety of advertising formats in one place, for example, Google. By using the Google Ads feature, we can advertise in text, image, and even video formats on the platform. Not only that, we can determine for ourselves when and where the ad will appear. Of course, this will make it easier for us to control and monitor the advertising promotion campaign that is being run.

Furthermore, one of the best features that digital media advertising has is the ability to track (track) the traffic from the advertisement being promoted. This feature helps us see which digital advertising channel that is effective for us. So that we can quickly divert the ad budget allocation to the ad channel. Also, this tracking feature will make it easier for us to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) from the funds that have been spent on advertising promotion activities.

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