When to use VPS and When to Upgrade?

When to use VPS and When to Upgrade?

VPS hosting is usually the last choice if your website has grown, even exceeded the limit of shared hosting resources. If the most expensive package offered by shared hosting can no longer accommodate your website, then it’s time to switch to a VPS hosting package. VPS hosting from AlaVps Free VPS is able to provide two of the best things for your website: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

However, there are certain cases that require you to use VPS hosting from the start. For example, you create an eCommerce website. Of course, you want to arrange for payment methods to be safer, more convenient, and faster and this can only be obtained if you use a virtual private server. Even if you store sensitive data or have to process payments online, VPS can reduce the risk of security leaks and identify the thief.

If you want website traffic to rise at certain times, for example, your website focuses on event planning or online ticket sales, of course, you can rely on various VPS hosting packages. Game servers and other sites that require large resources can also be created on VPS hosting to produce better performance.

One of the unexpected difficulties of VPS hosting is the necessity of managing a server platform without help from others. You can’t help but manage the server yourself. If the virtual server is not configured and managed properly, your site will experience various security and performance issues. Managed VPS hosting services appear on the market as the best solution to the problems mentioned earlier. Managed VPS is a more sophisticated VPS hosting alternative and has been equipped with technical assistance.

VPS managed is still a new thing in the hosting world. However, many hosting providers have offered this option to their clients. We manage servers and manage them to meet your needs, handle server uptime and monitoring, take care of backups and caching, and provide 24/7 dedicated assistance to all of our managed VPS clients.

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