Want Cool Photos With Black And White Style?

Want Cool Photos With Black And White Style?

We know there are many types of photos and filters provided from mobile phones, however, this does not mean that analog or digital cameras are not feasible. There are still many advantages of camera devices that are not owned by cellphones. One of the most preferred types of photographers or photo objects is the concept of black and white. Besides, the return of the popularity of the ’80s to 90’s era, this black and white color is almost loved by everyone, especially for fotografia publicitaria.

The latest mobile phones predict a dual camera as their superior feature, with various compositions. Some phones offer a composition of normal and wide, normal and telephoto, wide and telephoto, and RGB lenses with monochrome. In the last lens composition, RGB (Red Green Blue) has an important function to increase color absorption, light clarity and reduce noise. Monochrome lenses produce detail and absorb more light than RGB lenses in low-light conditions.

Here’s how to make black and white photos with your phone.

Imagine Results
Before shooting a monochrome photo, imagine what the resulting image will look like. Focus on the shapes, lines, and shadows of the scene you want to capture.

Contrast Composition
Monochrome photos consist of three colors, namely black, white and gray. Contrast black on white to make it visually appealing and give it deeper meaning. Pay attention to the shaded areas to define the shape and figure, as well as the guiding lines.

Focus on Shapes and Textures
Shadows can determine the shape. If the shadow area is not sufficient, add a flash. Light from the side will bring up the texture from where the shadows fall. Avoid light from the front as it will blur the shadows. Playing with textures, such as leaves, clouds, and wood will make for interesting BNW photos.

More Exercise
The ability to see conditions that are suitable for BNW photos can be honed with practice.

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