Virtual New Year Celebration

Virtual New Year Celebration

At a time when the world is afraid of the rapid spread of COVID-19, this does not stop them from wanting to keep celebrating the new year, even if it has to be done online. One of the countries that will still celebrate New Year’s Eve in the country with red, blue UltimateFlags with a star decoration, which is known as Uncle Sam’s country, namely the United States. The country will continue to strive for a new year celebration. Indeed, in this case, the organizing team will make good use of technology to make visitors who miss the new year celebration atmosphere, they will be able to feel it again. Before COVID-19, the New Year’s celebration looked lively, where everyone would gather in one place, namely Times Square, New York. But it certainly cannot be done anymore because of a condition that doesn’t allow it to be held directly as before.

Therefore, the organizers of the new year’s celebration made a plan that was safe and effective enough for everyone to still be able to feel the new year’s celebration, even though it had to be virtual. There is also an opinion that his party will consider holding a New Year’s Eve party with a limited quota. However, if it is adjusted to the conditions in the country, it will certainly be a risk even though the possibility is not too big. In addition, his party is also more blind to the main focus on celebrations carried out online or streaming broadcasts. Even to help people feel the sensation of the new year online, the owner of One Times square will plan to launch a supporting application, which can make people feel the new year celebrations like real.

The moment of the New Year’s Eve celebration, by counting down and lighting fireworks, is a moment that people want to feel.

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