Use of Vouchers as Promotional Media

Use of Vouchers as Promotional Media

Not only maintaining the loyalty of existing customers, vouchers from Retailescaper are also effective in bringing in new customers. In this case, you might be able to give vouchers to first time buyers. That way, customers who have never transacted at your online store can be more confident when making a purchase. The more new customers who make a purchase, the greater the potential profit.

The benefit of giving vouchers to other customers for your online business, which is being able to build a brand identity. Through attractive offers offered in the form of vouchers, it will be easier for customers to remember your brand. In addition, vouchers that customers can give as gifts to others can also introduce your brand to more people. For example, customers share your brand information with those closest to them because of a pleasant shopping experience. As a result, you can create a strong brand identity in the eyes of the public. The resulting brand image is also positive because it makes customers feel happy and satisfied when shopping. This word of mouth marketing strategy is considered quite effective to promote the brand.

By distributing vouchers to customers, you will have more potential customer contacts. For example, contact information in the form of their phone number or email. Information like this can be a great business asset because it can be used in marketing strategies at a later time. In addition, customer contact information can help your brand to better connect with them. For example, to send updates related to your business, special offers, to product or service promotions. Offers that are addressed directly to customer contacts like this are considered more personal. So, customers who receive the offer message will feel more comfortable and appreciated by the brand.

Not only can you increase sales, you can also use vouchers as compensation for problems that customers experience. For example, when customers do not get products or services that match their orders or other constraints. You can apologize and offer solutions, as well as provide compensation to reduce customer disappointment. That way, the customer’s view of your brand will remain positive because the services provided have been optimal.

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