Understanding Computer Vision

Understanding Computer Vision

Maybe some people already understand that computer vision technology can be used for various things related to images or images. Most people only know what a computer is, but do not understand what is meant by computer vision algorithms. However, along with the development of computers as they are today, computers began to be developed to become more sophisticated. Computer vision is a science in informatics engineering that allows a computer to see objects or objects around it. So that by being able to see objects that are around it, the computer can analyze objects or images that are in front of it so that the information can be received and can produce certain commands.

Computer vision combines cameras, edge or cloud-based computing, software, and artificial intelligence (AI) so the system can “see” and identify objects. Intel has a comprehensive portfolio of AI deployment technologies, including CPUs for general-purpose processing, computer vision, and vision processing units (VPUs) for acceleration. Computer vision uses deep learning to form neural networks that guide systems in processing and analysis. Fully trained computer vision models can recognize objects, detect and recognize people, and even track movement.

By utilizing Computer Vision we can know objects more clearly. As is the case with the use of a camera so that it can capture objects or images becomes clearer. By using computer vision technology, images or photos taken using a camera become clearer and clearer. This is called image processing with this image processing it is possible to reduce noise in the image.

Computer Vision allows the computer to analyze the next process. For example, the use of a scanner machine can not only be used to capture images but the computer system is also capable of processing for the next step. In the industrial world such as manufacturing, the presence of computer vision will greatly assist the production process of an item. So that with computer vision allows computers to understand what to do without having to go through human intervention.

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