Types of Epoxy Flooring in General

Types of Epoxy Flooring in General

Epoxy floors are supple, very flexible, and may be produced in a number of hues, patterns, effects, and decorative options and these characteristics make them suitable for usage in industrial and commercial environments. There are some general types of epoxy flooring which included our service Epoxy Flooring Perth as a residential epoxy floor, such as:

Self-Leveling Epoxy
Self-leveling Epoxy flooring or SL is a type of flooring that, after being poured over the substrate, has self-smoothing qualities. Self-leveling techniques often produce a smooth, seamless finish when applied between 1 and 3mm and in liquid form for quick installation. For demanding, heavy-duty settings, resin-rich epoxy SL compositions offer an incredibly strong, long-lasting finish.

Epoxy Antistatic Flooring
Electrostatic charge cannot accumulate on the surface of the floor thanks to a smooth, long-lasting coating known as antistatic epoxy flooring.

Antistatic floor systems are intended to safely transmit the static charge—which can be generated by a person—to specified earthing locations and should be in compliance with antistatic standards requirements. For mild, medium, and heavy-duty traffic, there are particular antistatic flooring technologies that have been designed.

Epoxy Screeds
Epoxy screeds, which are a component of a medium- to heavy-duty flooring system, are frequently used as a heavy-duty underlayment to receive different types of resin flooring, such as self-leveling epoxy coatings, anti-slip coatings, etc. An epoxy screed typically has a thickness of 4 to 6 mm, making it a thicker sort of flooring layer. Epoxy screeds typically require trowel application and may also require power flotation to provide a smooth, level finish due to their greater thickness.

Epoxy screeds are extremely strong, have great impact resistance, and may also have anti-osmosis properties that allow them to function as a damp-proof membrane. Due to these characteristics, epoxy screeds are perfect for flooring systems in medium- to heavy-duty industrial settings, including production, food and beverage processing, and a number of other industries.

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