Turning a Small Garden Looks Spacious!

Turning a Small Garden Looks Spacious!

Most houses in urban areas currently leave only a small amount of land to be used as green parks. Even though the existence of a garden is quite important in a dwelling. In addition to beautifying the appearance of the house, it is also to provide cool air into the house. If you have a small garden, there are several landscape design to make it more spacious and comfortable. Choose the right color to decorate your tiny garden. This color selection is mainly applied to garden walls, furniture, and plants. We recommend choosing cool colors, like blues and greens. Cool colors can make distances feel farther, making for a wider impression. Meanwhile, warm colors such as brown, red, yellow, or orange make objects closer together. You can also combine cool colors with warm colors to make the garden spacious. The key, cool colors should dominate.

It’s okay to turn a small garden into a relaxing spot. Condition, choose furniture with a size that is not too large. If your land is narrow, don’t force it to put a gazebo on the land, just place a set of small benches and tables. Place it on the edge of the garden so it doesn’t add to the feeling of being claustrophobic. It is also important to pay attention to the size of the plant. Having a small garden doesn’t mean you can only plant miniature plants. Yes, you can, plant large plants as long as you do the right arrangement. Place large plants in the back or corner of the garden. The remaining land can be filled with smaller plants. In addition to making plants visible, this arrangement also creates a dimension that makes the garden seem wider.

Don’t fill all the land with plants, but leave space in the middle of the land. This space is the key to making the garden feel more spacious. You can make paving in a space in the middle of the garden to differentiate it from the surrounding grass and make it easier to walk on if you want to water the plants.

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