Tricks to Clean Your Carpets Effectively

Tricks to Clean Your Carpets Effectively

A doormat is a must-have thing for every home to maintain cleanliness in our home. Installing a doormat is one of the tips for maintaining cleanliness on the carpet that we have. The method is easy, place the mat near the room with the carpet. Its function is to maintain that when stepping on the carpet there are no stain stains attached to the carpet. Try to get into the house or step on the carpet to remove footwear first. If possible, place the mat on the corner of the room in our house. For example, in front of the living room door, in front of the bathroom, in the kitchen, in front of the freezer, in front of the mosque room, and others. On the other hand, go to the trusted Carpet Cleaning Cairns whenever you need experts for cleaning your carpets, especially if you’re too busy for cleaning them by yourself.

Using Carpet Shampoo
Using carpet shampoo is one of the treatments so that our carpet is clean and protected from bacteria and germs. Carpet shampoo has been sold in store stores. This method should be done routinely. Try when choosing carpet shampoo by choosing a germicidal shampoo. So that not only clean on the carpet, bacteria, and bacteria will be eliminated. Cleaning the carpet using carpet shampoo will get very clean results. Besides being clean, our carpet will last, because the shampoo is specifically for carpets, not others.

With ice cubes
This one method is a special way to clean the carpet. This method is used on rugs exposed to gum or gum marks that stick to a carpet. The trick is to put ice cubes on the carpet chart affected by chewing gum, let stand for 2 minutes then squeeze the gum with wood or so on. Chewing gum will disappear if this method is used. Do not reach the gum brush, so that the gum marks do not widen on the carpet.

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