Traders Love To Choose AvaTrade In 2021 Due To Its Reputation And Awards

Traders Love To Choose AvaTrade In 2021 Due To Its Reputation And Awards

AvaTrade is one of the most prominent brokers in the industry. They offer high quality and value, user-friendly features and functionality, and a highly respected reputation around the world. With support for leading trading platforms and high-quality multilingual support, AvaTrade has built a strong brand reputation and continues to maintain that reputation with the update of AvaProtect, an automatic loss protection tool to their product line. AvaTrade offers to trade on Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded funds, options, bonds, index stocks like NASDAQ100, and equities and is a good choice for all types of Forex traders. Apart from that, if you trade NAS100, we suggest you visit to learn more about AvaTrade and other Brokers that deal in this stock index.

With more than 200,000 registered clients worldwide, and more than 2 million trades executed each month, AvaTrade is the leading broker in the Forex trading industry.

The reputation of this broker further improved by its development in risk management tools for traders; and back in early 2020, this broker launched AvaProtect, this tool helps clients purchase protection against losing trades for a certain period – if you close trades during that time, your losses will be fully refunded.

Some of the awards AvaTrade has won:

Best Forex Broker 2019 (Daytrading)
Best Trading Experience (Fxdailyinfo)
Best Forex Broker (FXEmpire)
Best Broker: Most Reliable (FXEmpire)
Best Forex Broker (The European)

Even though the AvaProtect feature is active, you can still benefit from your position. AvaProtect fees change according to market and trade size.

This broker provides a lot of trading instruments, so many choices for veterans and beginners alike. Apart from that, AvaTrade also has basic (vanilla) options, which is an unusual feature in Forex brokers. With competitive prices and up to 1: 400 leverage on Forex pairs, AvaTrade is an attractive option for both new and experienced traders.

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