To Make Good Snake Enclosure

To Make Good Snake Enclosure

For animal lovers, exotic animals such as reptiles and snakes as pets is an interesting choice. Regarding the hobby of keeping snakes, there is one thing that needs to be considered carefully, namely the cage used for the snake to live. Here are some ways to make good and correct snake terrariums so that snakes can still live in them comfortably in the explanation below. The first step to consider before making a cage for a pet snake is to identify what type of snake to keep.

Through the introduction of this type of snake, every snake owner should understand its different characteristics from other snakes, including paying attention to whether the snake is easily tame or whether it has venom or not. An understanding of the condition of this snake will greatly determine how the cage is made.

Cages for snakes should indeed be made by their natural habitat so that snakes can live in the cage in peace. The choice of cage material is the next consideration in how to make a good snake cage. The materials that are usually used to make snake cages are glass, plastic, or acrylic. The choice of material is determined depending on the type of snake to be kept including its size because each material has a different level of strength. Cages made of plastic are known to be more expensive than glass cages because they are heat resistant and more durable.

In how to make a good snake cage, the determination of the size of the cage must be done before the cage is made. Determining the size of this cage must pay attention to the size of the snake and how big the snake can be so that it doesn’t have to change cages when the snake is an adult. Examples of cage sizes for garter snakes are around 20-60 cm, while pythons are around 60-75 cm.

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