Tips to Become an Influential Leader

Tips to Become an Influential Leader

Influence is one of the keys to the success of a leader. If you want to be a successful leader, of course, he must have influence on his followers. The positive influence is given by the leader usually results in long-term respect from subordinates, even when the organizational structure, the leader is no longer in the position of leader. So, how can we become influential leaders that have leadership skills?

The following are various strategies that can be used to perfect your leadership influence wherever you carry out these leadership tasks.

Influence Massively Starting from a Small Scale
A leader who is widely known for his leadership qualities will usually find it easier to exert influence. But to reach such a level, of course, you have to go through stages that are not short. Start on a small scale when you are entrusted to lead a small team to reach a company target. Use soft skills such as self-confidence when leading a meeting and being a mediator who is the middle axis or not taking sides when conflicts occur in your team.

Practice your ability to speak in public, self-taught or taking public speaking training courses that teach you how to speak in public in a professional manner. A self-taught exercise you can do by writing each sentence that you will say on paper, then memorize it while talking in front of a mirror. This exercise helps you to see your gestures when talking to explain the material in a presentation. Being an influential leader can be started in front of your room mirror.

To be big, you have to start small. Likewise, when you want to be a big influential leader, you have to start small, like keeping track of each agenda or task list the day before. Make your to-do list organized according to priority standards. Which task you must complete first before another task. By having this to-do list, you can reach your goals faster. Set your goals realistically so that it encourages you to achieve clearer direction.

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