This Is The Right Scoring Method In Dart Games

This Is The Right Scoring Method In Dart Games

The World Dart Federation (WDF) has established a number of things as a guide for scoring in darts. Dartboard used in the middle of the red dot or inner bullseye has a height of 1.73 m from the ground. The throwing distance or called The Oche must be 2.37 m from the front of the best electronic dart board, so it will not be too easy or too hard for players to score in this game.

Board diameter of 451mm. This board is round and consists of sides that have different values such as:

Inner Bullseye the middle point that has a red color, the smallest point size if the hit is 50.

The Outer Bullseye is in the shape of a green circle. This circle is outside the bullseye. The place is also in the middle of the board and the point if it is 25.

Double Ring is a small red/green segment with the outermost place and has a value of 2 times on the edge of the board. For example on the board has a value of 5 then the points 5×2 = 10.

Triple Ring is a small red/green segment with a place inside / middle and has a value of 3 times the number listed on the board. For example, the value on the board then the calculated value is 5×3 = 15.

If you are curious about the thrill of playing darts you can learn a lot of video tutorials and articles on the internet, however, you must ensure that the source of the videos and articles that you study can be trusted.

Thank you for reading this article about the game Dart. Hopefully, it can be additional information for all readers. Although this article is short, we really believe it can help those who simply want to know the proper way to calculate the score in dart games, so they can play darts with their friends fairly and excitingly.

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