This Is How To Design T-Shirts For Your Gaming Team

This Is How To Design T-Shirts For Your Gaming Team

When entering the competition, the gaming team will wear a T-Shirt like a professional squad. To distinguish it from other teams, the T-Shirt must also have a special identity that describes the character of the gaming team itself. Therefore, if you need affordable custom T-Shirts, we recommend you check out the cheap custom t shirts making company.

Characters in Logo Design

In logo design, there’s no harm in pinning certain characters. That character can be like a mascot depicting the team’s image. Then, what character is suitable to be used as the main part of the gaming team’s T-Shirt design?


The animal world provides much inspiration for logo design. It’s because animals are considered to have their way of socializing.


By using a robot character, as if to give the image of a gaming team as a solid squad, visionary, and coordinated maturely.

Fictional Character

This type of logo design is to be easily remembered by many people. Unique and interesting character images can certainly boost the popularity of an online gaming team.

Attractive Color Options

It is still recommended to use just one or two colors. That way the squad gaming logo design will look cool and not tacky.

Here are some basic T-Shirt color choices for the gaming team.


It is a common perception that the color red is a symbol of courage. The red color also implies high confidence.


The blue color represents calm and harmony. Use this color if you want to build the image of a gaming team that can run the game strategy harmoniously.


Using a mixture of several colors can also be done. This illustrates that in a team naturally contains members with different characteristics, but they can cooperate nicely.

Use of the Gaming Team Name

The name of the gaming team will also be printed on the T-Shirt squad. Check out a few name selection tips for the gaming team and their applications in the following T-Shirt designs.


Use a gaming team name that is simple and easy to pronounce. The goal is to make the team’s name easy to remember, both by fans and rivals.


Font types for the typography of the gaming team logo design must also be observed. You must use modern nuances and readability.

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