This Danger Is Hidden Behind The Dust

This Danger Is Hidden Behind The Dust

The dust has long been known to cause allergies. Keep in mind that dust can contain pieces or even pet dander particles, the bodies of dead cockroaches, mold spores, and dust mites. Some of these are common allergens fresh healthy carpet cleaning. One of the things at home that contains the most dust is carpet. It is very important for us to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet so that our family’s health can be maintained. At Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches we can clean all kinds of carpets that we have and if we have old faded rugs, we can also beautify them there.

According to a doctor, if you or other family members have a dust allergy, it is important to clean the house regularly. That way, dirty dust or cockroaches cannot nest.

During the day, open all windows to allow air ventilation. This must be considered because by opening the window, sunlight can enter the house and reduce humidity so that mold does not easily grow.

It is also recommended not to use carpets on the floor, especially in the bedroom. We recommend using ceramic, marble, or wooden floors. Also, use sheets and pillowcases for the room. However, besides allergies, there are still hidden dangers of dust. What kind of danger is that?

Dust is related to antibiotic resistance
The ability of bacteria to survive the effects of antibiotics is usually called antibiotic resistance. Bacteria that are supposed to die, actually multiply. There are a number of things that can cause antibiotic resistance, such as overuse or inappropriate use of antibiotics. Then, how is the relationship between dust and antibiotic resistance?

Dust is not an inanimate object. There are various living compounds in the strands of dust, one of which is antibacterial named triclosan. It is very common to be found in dust.

On the other hand, there are a lot of household products that contain triclosan that is claimed to kill bacteria. This can then trigger and worsen the conditions of bacterial resistance.

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