These Tips Are Effective To Help You Install An AC Properly

These Tips Are Effective To Help You Install An AC Properly

How to install an air conditioner properly is to make the position of the indoor unit at 15cm from the roof of the house. This is so that the air circulation produced from the air conditioner is more pronounced and widespread. If there is a barrier in front of the air conditioner, the result of air cooling will not be felt optimally because the air circulation is blocked. Another thing that must be considered according to AC specialists is the laying of goods at the bottom of the indoor unit. It is not recommended to put electrical appliances, computers, electronic gadgets, and other tools that are damaged if exposed to water. This is to prevent these items from being exposed to water droplets from the air conditioner. Then related to the position of the indoor unit, make sure that the AC won’t blow the air directly to our body as much as possible, because it is not good for our health. Additionally, perhaps you must hire the ac port charlotte when you don’t have the time to install your new AC by yourself.

The position of the Outdoor Unit
In order to produce maximum performance and durability, then we must determine the position of the outdoor unit correctly. There is a good idea that the outdoor unit is installed in the 30cm position between the indoor pipe joints. This function is so that compressor oil can also circulate with refrigerants.

The pipe connection between the indoor and outdoor unit
We must pay attention to this connecting pipe so that the AC can last. If this pipe turns bent, the circulation of the refrigerant will be disrupted. It’s good if the pipe length is 3m to 6m.

Pathway for disposal of water
Another thing that must be considered when installing air conditioning is the pathway from the disposal of water. In the AC shops, they usually explain this waterway before we buy air conditioners. If the drainage line is not correct, water will drip and disrupt our comfort. Therefore, we will make a path for the disposal of water, and we must understand that the water will flow from a high to a low place.

If we want to install the air conditioner in accordance with the PK that we need, it is better for us to look for AC experts. If we already have a lot of choices from technically licensed air conditioners, it is better for us to choose the reliable AC PK experts. The reliable experts here are technicians who can install air conditioners properly and in accordance with our wishes and can estimate the cost of electricity that suits our needs.

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