These Bed Sheet Materials Are Highly Recommended For Your Bed

These Bed Sheet Materials Are Highly Recommended For Your Bed

You should be able to choose the right sheets with the best materials so that you can add to the rest and sleep comfortably with your family. By getting comfortable in bed, surely you will be more excited to carry out daily activities. For this reason, this article is presented as a material for your consideration in choosing quality bed sheets, soft and does not fade. However, if you simply want the best bed sheet for your bed, we recommend you to check out the high-quality egyptian cotton sheets.

Here are some of the best bed sheet materials that you must know:

Bedsheets from CVC Cotton

Chief Value Cotton or CVC is a textile material that contains more than 50% cotton fiber. The raw material for CVC comes from a mixture of cotton and polyester, but its composition can vary greatly, depending on the level of quality of the CVC cotton you wish to produce.

CVC cotton has a much better strength characteristic compared to 100% cotton fabric, has a durability and shrinkage rate or pattern shrinkage that is much smaller than cotton fabric. Besides, the absorption of color is very good, so it does not fade easily.

Chinese Cotton Bedsheets

Chinese cotton bed sheets or often called cotton twill has a cotton composition of around 85% to 90%. There are two types of Chinese cotton in the market, the first type of low quality, and the second high quality resembling Japanese cotton.

Quality Chinese cotton is made from natural fibers that allow users to be safe if there is a history of allergies, besides Chinese cotton fabrics are not hairy, soft and smooth, so you sleep more soundly.

Bedsheets from Taiwan Cotton

Taiwan cotton bed sheets have a composition of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, Taiwan cotton is softer when compared to Chinese cotton, and is thinner than Japanese cotton.

The characteristics of Taiwanese cotton do not appear to be sparkling, if they are glazed in detail, it seems to be a bit translucent, this is because the shape of the crosses and the number of weaves are less than that of Japanese cotton.

Taiwan cotton bed sheets are quite a lot of enthusiasts because the price is relatively affordable and the motives are very diverse.

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