There Are Ways To Repair Bad Sector, Overheat, And Slow On Laptops

There Are Ways To Repair Bad Sector, Overheat, And Slow On Laptops

There are so many problems that can reduce the performance of your laptop. You should really learn at least some of the common problems with laptops so that you can easily repair your laptop when it is damaged. Some examples of common problems on laptops are bad sectors on hard disks, overheating, and slow laptops.

Bad sector hard disk usually characterized by a decreased laptop performance until finally, the hard drive might become legible.

Bad sector hard disks can also be mild damage and it can also be severe damage. This damage depends on the system or the hard disk component itself.

The main cause:

1. Laptops often die suddenly
2. Viruses
3. Overheating

The way to fix it: First, scan with HDTune-like applications to see if there are bad sectors or not. Then, you must do a “regenerating” process and format write zeros on the hard disk. The last solution, you must replace the hard drive.

Furthermore, although it depends on the specifications that are owned, hot laptops, usually found on laptops that are a bit old. For the cause itself, there are usually 3 of them, they are:

Dry thermal paste
The fan is broken

How to fix it: Replace the laptop’s thermal paste by removing it. Clean existing dust, especially on laptop ventilation. Make sure the fan processor is still working properly and normally.

Finally, the laptop can also perform slowly. This slow laptop can almost be found in all types of brands, specifications and regardless of the age of the laptop. For this problem, there are many causes and must be analyzed one by one.

Some reasons are:

Too many junk files
Damaged component
Poor specifications
A hot laptop
And many more.

The solution: You have to use cleaning software to get rid of useless files and junk data on your laptop. In addition, try to check some components that may be damaged. On the other hand, make sure that the anti-virus system and your laptop fan/cooler are working properly.

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