There Are Ways To Maintain The Black Abaya

There Are Ways To Maintain The Black Abaya

First of all, make sure you wash your abaya by hand. Black Abayas themselves usually have a wavy material, so it takes a little extra care. To wash by hand, separate the black abaya with other clothes and soak them with water and a little detergent for several minutes. After the dirt is gone, rub it a little and rinse with a fabric softener. If you want to wash your black abaya with a washing machine, use the low rotation mode so that it is not easily damaged, as well as during the drying process. Occasionally, you should also take the time to wash your black modern abaya with a dry clean technique in the laundry or laundry service, so that it is perfectly clean and the color is maintained.

Dry black abayas without exposing them to direct sunlight

If you decide to wash the black abaya at home. Another thing that needs your attention is how to dry it or how to dry it. Unlike other types of clothing, drying the abaya also needs special tips.

So that it doesn’t get damaged quickly and the color stays awake, you should dry your abayas in a rather shady place and not directly exposed to sunlight.

Don’t use bleach on black abayas

Wow, if this one point is not to be missed by you. When washing black abayas, do not use and mix with your white clothes that have been mixed with clothing bleach products. And do not let bleach stick to your black abaya collection, because it can cause spots that cannot be removed.

Iron the black abayas by using the medium heat settings

After the black abaya is dry, pay attention also when you are ironing this one canal collection. Usually, the abaya is beautified with a variety of application beads and others so you need to pay attention too.

Black abaya should be ironed with conditions of low temperature or moderate temperature, so it is neat and damaging to the material.

Hang a black abaya using a hanger

Finally, store the black abaya in the cupboard by using a hanger. Don’t fold the abaya because it can damage the material and the application of the beads.

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