There Are Some Ways To Clean Synthetic Grass Carpet Properly

There Are Some Ways To Clean Synthetic Grass Carpet Properly

This synthetic grass must be cleaned every certain period. So that the synthetic grass will still look prime. Like what is the proper and correct way to care for synthetic grass carpet?

1. Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner

It should be noted that cleaning synthetic carpets with water is not appropriate. Even this water will make it stick to the carpet hairs to weaken. So that the feathers will come off more easily.

Now to clean, you should use a special tool called a vacuum cleaner. This cleaning tool functions to remove dust that sticks to synthetic carpets.

To clean synthetic carpets with this tool, you don’t have to wait for them to get dirty. Clean it within a certain period or do it regularly.

Use a vacuum cleaner with low pressure so that grass doesn’t get sucked into it.

2. Use Special Liquids

You can’t use plain water, but if you use special liquids you are allowed to use it. It is also clear that a specific detergent is used as a special cleansing liquid for synthetic grass carpets.

This special liquid is useful for maintaining the quality of synthetic grass and can last quite a long time. For how to use it, it is usually sprayed on the top surface of synthetic carpets.

The term of use can be adjusted according to the use of the grass itself. Usually, grass used outdoors will be used frequently, so it is necessary to use a special liquid about once every 2 weeks.

But if the artificial grass is used indoors such as indoors, you can spray it every 1 to 2 months. Because indoor artificial grass will not be exposed to sunlight and is usually rarely used.

3. Use Detergent

To get rid of stubborn stains on synthetic grass you can use detergents. But for how to use it must be considered, especially in the use of water.

For the method itself, dissolve enough detergent in water. Then dip a cloth or sponge in the detergent solution. After that, wipe the surface on the dirty grass.

When you are sure it is clean, dip another cloth in clean water to remove any detergent residue that still sticks to the grass.

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