The used pipes can be turned into useful items

The used pipes can be turned into useful items

Each building must use a PVC pipe that is used as a water channel. Usually, this PVC pipe installation will be a contractor’s business that builds your house. So, you don’t need to be too busy managing the price of PVC pipes and installation so that the water lines run smoothly. Including the problem of how many pipes will be needed. Unfortunately, even though it has been calculated in such a way, there must be an excessive number of pipes. In the meantime, perhaps you need to check out the best plumbers in San Diego if you want to know about the trusted plumbing company near your area.

Well, if it’s already been purchased, it’s a pity if the rest of the pipe is just thrown away. Moreover, it turns out the pipe has many other functions that you can use, for example:

Place of accessories

For you women, surely you have various accessories? For those who are not veiled, these accessories are usually in the form of hair clips or headbands. Meanwhile, for those who wear headscarves, these accessories are usually in the form of various types of cute brooches that are used for headscarf decorations. Now, rather than your accessories scattered everywhere, it’s better to use the remaining pipes to be used as accessories. How to make it very simple, you can cut the pipe as needed (not too long). To place these accessories, you should choose a pipe with a wide enough diameter, so it is not difficult for you to take the accessories you want to use. Moreover, if these accessories are small enough.

Pencil case

If you don’t have a special place to put various stationery on your desk, you can also use this pipe. The way is almost similar to the accessories, only for this need you should use a pipe that is quite long. It may be about half or three-quarters of the standard pen length. That way, the stationery that you put will remain safe and not easily fall.

Beauty electronic equipment

This electronic beauty is generally owned by women, although there are some men who also use it. Examples of this beauty electronics are vise and an air dryer. Well, the remaining pipes in your house can be used to store these three tools. How, you choose a pipe that has a diameter slightly larger than this tool. Because, this tool will be inserted into the pipe, so the diameter must be larger than the tool. However, do not be too big too, maybe this tool can even pass to the bottom because for this function you should avoid installing a lid on the bottom of the pipe. The reason is to keep the heating temperature of the appliance just used is not stuck in the pipe.

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