The Services That Gogo Florists Provide

The Services That Gogo Florists Provide

A florist by the name of Gogo Florist currently provides delivery services to a number of foreign locations, a right place to order flowers. We provide a large selection of beauty products in lovely packaging.

The Unforgotten Member
Four out of every five flower purchases are done for special occasions. Gogo Florist will provide a Frequent Flower Gift Program dubbed The Unforgotten Club specifically for males in order to gain a share of this market and to promote romance in general. Each customer can sign up for this program to have Gogo Florist automatically plan to bring a flower arrangement to his place of employment on a minimum of six days each year, including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and any day other than Valentine’s Day. Each customer will receive a courtesy call or email 48 hours in advance.

Gogo Florist will create unique packaging to keep containers upright and spillproof so that clients may transport flower arrangements from work to home as easily as possible. When delivered to a customer’s workplace, this packaging will be attractively branded with the business’s emblem and act as an additional marketing tool.

Commercial Account Program, which includes:

Initial consultations are without charge
Gogo Florist will perform a free initial on-site visit to the customer’s office or store to assess the ideal floral design plan for retail and office tenants interested in a weekly delivery program.

Priority delivery scheme
Gogo Florist will work with each commercial client to establish a weekly delivery plan and will ensure that arrangements are delivered on the same day and at the same time every week.

Birthday Bouquets
Every office manager who has a commercial account will receive a complimentary arrangement from Birthday Bouquets Gogo Florist on their birthday.

Referral Program
Gogo Florist will give each commercial customer who refers another commercial customer a one-time 25% discount.

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