The Right Way to Store Your Skincare

How to store skincare correctly is very important to be effective and maximize the benefits obtained. In addition to skincare must be stored in the refrigerator, how to store skincare should be away from sun exposure and not placed in the bathroom. How to store the correct skincare is very important. Because the wrong storage can make the active ingredients in it no longer effective to produce the claimed benefits. To find out how to store skincare properly, see the full article from beauty advice below. Before that, you can visit our website to see top beauty glow skincare .

After buying a number of skincare products, it’s a good idea to pay attention to how to store them properly. If not, this can affect the skincare content contained in it. Do not let you spend big enough to buy quality skincare products, but the benefits you get are not optimal due to the improper way to store skincare. You can learn more here on our home page. The correct way to store skincare is as follows.

Store in the refrigerator
One way to store skincare properly is in the refrigerator or refrigerator. Skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator are products that contain natural ingredients or do not contain preservatives, aka organic. Organic skin care ingredients usually have a short shelf life and the quality is prone to damage. So, by storing skincare properly in the refrigerator, you can prevent the growth of mold while prolonging the shelf life of your skincare products. Skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator include products containing vitamin C, vitamin A (retinoids), and some products containing benzoyl peroxide.

Products containing vitamin C and vitamin A tend to be sensitive to sun exposure because they are more easily oxidized. So, to ensure that this skincare product lasts longer and is effectively used, it is important to store it in the refrigerator. In addition, other skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator are eye cream or eye cream, face masks (sheet masks), and facial spray or facial mist. If stored in the refrigerator, these various products can provide a more soothing and refreshing effect when used on your face. However, make sure you put skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator on separate shelves to prevent exposure to bacterial contamination from food or drinks, which are also stored in the refrigerator.

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