The Right Tools And Ingredients For Carrot Juice

The Right Tools And Ingredients For Carrot Juice

One of the drinks that are good for maintaining eye health, namely carrot juice. This drink has a high Vitamin A content of up to 12,000 IU. Apart from vitamin A, it is also rich in other ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin B6, iron, carotene, and others. This drink is very good for consumption every day. Healthy living is not an option but an obligation for you to do. One way to live a healthier lifestyle is to increase the consumption of fresh fruit at home. There are many ways you can enjoy the delicious taste of fruit apart from eating it on its own, such as making homemade cakes, making salads, or making fruit drinks. If you frequently make drinks using fresh fruit juice, what tools do you use? If you are still using the usual juicer, it is better now to switch to using a slow juicer available on this site.

An ordinary juicer works by turning the ingredients to be juiced at a very high speed so that the juice and the remaining unused juice ingredients can separate through the existing filter. While the slow juicer works by pressing the ingredients without a fast circular motion which can cause heat and friction between the machine and the blended material. Now with the tools sorted out, it is important to also choose the carrots you are juicing. It turns out that not all carrots are suitable for juicing. Maybe this is also the reason why your carrot juice tastes bad sometimes even though the recipe is the same.

So what kind of carrot is good for juicing? Young carrots generally have a sweeter taste and don’t make you nauseous. Carrot meat is also tender because it is richer in water. Generally, carrots are medium size and then taper to the tip. It’s the perfect carrot shape that absorbs the soil well. If they grow well, they will be sure to have a bright color. If necessary, you can use imported quality carrots to make juice. Usually when in supermarkets, there are choices of organic vegetables. This means making sure carrots are free from harmful ingredients such as pesticides.

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