The Lisu Ethnic In China Conserve The Crossbow Tradition

The Lisu Ethnic In China Conserve The Crossbow Tradition

Deep within the inner part of the mountainous region at the border of Myanmar and China, an ethnic Lisu surnamed Zhang, 26, sharpened crossbow arrows to prepare to hunt. For Zhang and other ethnic Lisu residents, who are mostly Christian minorities and inhabit the border region, crossbows or crossbows have been an inseparable part of their culture, since the days of 200 BC. Aside from that, if you’re more interested in modern crossbows, perhaps you need to check out some of the best crossbows that you can buy online.

Although there is a hunting ban that has been in effect for a decade, the application of the law is not strict until Zhang and his friends can still hunt poultry and rodents.

Technically, the Lisu ethnicity must have permission to use crossbows, which are regulated by various local crossbow associations.

As more and more young people move to the cities to work, Cha Hairong, chairman of the Liuku Town Crossbow Association, Lushui City, is worried that this culture will become extinct.

Cha wants to preserve this tradition by promoting archery by using crossbows as a sport and attracting new fans of this activity, outside the Nu River Valley.

“The culture of our society’s crossbow must enter the Chinese Sports Competition. Must enter the Asian Games. We have to enter the Olympics so that all people of the world understand our culture, “Cha said.

Lushui City Government said it was committed to preserving crossbow sport culture.

Various crossbow tournaments offering cash prizes have been held in recent years to encourage interest in this sport.

Some participants enjoyed friendship in these various events.

“It’s time for us to come here to talk and exchange stories,” said 27-year-old Zuo Zhenfu, who attended the crossbow tournament at the end of March.

That’s it for the news about a crossbow that we can share with you this time. Although this article is short, we hope it increases your knowledge about crossbow from another culture.

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