The Fly-By-Wire System Is Different From Hydraulic System On Planes

The Fly-By-Wire System Is Different From Hydraulic System On Planes

For those of you who will be working with the flight system, now is the time to dissect what can move the three basic control systems of the aircraft. It turns out that there are two systems that can move the three basic controls of the aircraft, they are fly by wire and the hydraulic system. In the meantime, if your flight system is FBW but its ball screws are damaged, we recommend you to bring them to the best rotating nut ball screw company near your area.

Hydraulic Power System is an aircraft system that uses liquid pressure (hydraulic) as a medium to drive systems related to aircraft propulsion components, such as ground spoilers, flight spoilers, landing gears, including rudders, elevators, and ailerons.

Usually, this Hydraulic Power System is found on old release planes, but that does not mean this system is not used anymore today. There are still some planes that use the Hydraulic Power System.

The advantage of using this Hydraulic Power System is the power needed to drive flight control is lighter, easier to inspect, needs less maintenance, and a few others.

Whereas fly by wire is a control system that uses electronic signals to give orders, but this does not mean only limited to changing the role of human manuals in controlling the direction and movement of aircraft.

Even though the fly by wire system also has a computer to process data supplied from various sensors on the fuselage, sometimes the performance of the fly by wire system is not as synchronized with the operator’s wishes – in this case, a pilot.

This asynchronous here means that if the pilot wants to deflect the plane by entering a number of codes, it could be that the fly by wire system ignores a number of codes entered by the pilot, with the aim of the aircraft being able to turn more smoothly or not endanger the aircraft structure.

So, have you understood the outline of this aircraft steering system?

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