The Beauty Of Minimalist Design Watches

The Beauty Of Minimalist Design Watches

Beauty is not always related to the decoration crowd. Often a simple but well-designed design can be more impressive. The minimalist design of scandinavian watches emphasizes the importance of functionality in design so that the results obtained are simple and practical. Likewise, with a watch, a minimalist watch design is also functional because it is practical without any excess accessories. Indeed, the practice of minimalism has been around for a long time, one of which is in Japan with its Zen philosophy. The history of modern minimalist design that we know began with a German design school called Bauhaus founded by Walter Gropius in 1919.

The design of the Bauhaus, which is geometric, manufacturing-based, and emphasizes functionality and simplicity, has been a major influence in the design world until now. This distinctive feature of the Bauhaus design is applied to many objects, one of which is the watch. Max Bill, a Bauhaus school graduate, designed watches for the Junghans company, both wall clock and watches. It can be said from its origin that the Max Bill by Junghans line-up is a minimalist watch that is closest to the Bauhaus school. This minimalist design also later spread to other German producers such as Nomos and Braun. But unfortunately, the Bauhaus was eventually closed down by the Nazi regime, and artists from there scattered from Germany to various countries, spreading Bauhaus-style designs.

One of the regions that received the most flow was the Scandinavian countries. Scandinavian countries are culturally different from other European countries that are interested in luxury, Scandinavian people prefer simple, functional, cozy, and comfortable designs. That is what led to the minimalist design of the Bauhaus style getting more place in the lives of Scandinavians. The results can be seen everywhere, be it IKEA, Bang & Olufsen, H&M, and so on. The principle of minimalism, especially in increasingly complex modern times, is one approach we can enjoy aesthetically. With its simple design, minimalist watches not only look beautiful, but can also suit almost all situations, both official and casual. That is one of the special strengths of a minimalist watch design compared to other designs. So it is not without reason minimalist watch design is accepted by many people, even a trend because of its universal appeal.

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