The 7 Biggest Challenges Of A Web Designer In Creating A Website

The 7 Biggest Challenges Of A Web Designer In Creating A Website

Creating a Website design is not an easy task. It takes creativity, thoroughness, and ideas to design a good web. A web developer must face various challenges to be able to produce works to reach the desired target market. Here are the 7 biggest challenges in web design from to provide an idea of ​​what challenges you should consider designing a website.

  1. Integration

A website must have integration with third-party applications, for example, such as Google Maps, social media, and others. Also, we are expected to be able to provide an API that can generate data that can be integrated into a mobile or cellular application.

  1. Accessibility

The web developer must ensure that the website can be easily accessed by visitors. Starting from children, adults to the elderly. This is the biggest challenge, right? And it requires long research, of course.

  1. Responsive

Customizing the web appearance with various devices ranging from cellphones, tablets, or PCs. In the past, designing websites was only focused on one screen size, but with the development of mobile technology, this has become a challenge for web developers.

  1. Security

Security issues are not only done on the server, but also on the system that we build. Nothing guarantees a system 100% safe from interference/attacks, so regular backups must be done to anticipate unexpected events.

  1. User Experience

Understanding visitor habits is not easy, every visitor has different habits. There are even some visitors who do not understand every component on the website such as not being able to tell whether this is a clickable button or not. This research takes a long time, you have to test it on many people to conclude.

  1. Speed

Making sure the website is accessed faster is a challenge that is no less important, make sure your visitors don’t get annoyed and leave your website because the desired page doesn’t appear. Ensure proper use of plugins, scripts, images in web building. Server connection problems and a large number of visitors are a frightening specter for web developers.

  1. Retention

Making visitors want to come back to your website is not easy, make sure you present useful content, a comfortable design to make them come back for more.

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