Table Saw Blades

Table Saw Blades

Like the grinding machine, router, miter saw, and others. All of these machines have their types of blades. And of course, as users of these tools, we must understand each of the uses of the blade. All of the work must be done efficiently, and one way is to understand the characteristics and functions of the tool. So it’s important if we discuss this type of table saw blade. Because this table saw is the most widely used tool for woodworkers to cut both long and short wood. So the question is, what are the types of table saw blades? If we talk the type is a lot of it guys, and it all depends on the manufacturer of the blade. But clearly what we need to pay attention to is the number of blades and the direction of the teeth of the blades especially when we want to use bosch gts1031 dado blade.

Because if we talk about the shape of a blade, it’s too much. In terms of the table saw blade manufacturer, this must always make changes and other innovations. So we better discuss the number of blades only. For the type of table saw blades, amounting to 40 teeth or serrations have a function to cut in the direction of the wood fiber. So if the wood fiber is not in the same direction as the blade, there will usually be small tears on the surface that make the cut less smooth. Even though it’s still relatively smooth, it’s still more subtle if you cut it in the direction of the wood fiber. Because cutting wood can not be adjusted in its direction.

The important thing here is so that you know why there are subtle and subtle cuts, even if the blades are the same. For cutting speed using a blade this is also faster than a jagged blade 50 combinations. Because serrations 40 are closed so they continually tear the wood fibers they cut. The second type of table saw blade is based on the number of teeth, which is a blade with a total of 50 teeth. So as we mentioned above, this type of blade cannot cut as fast as 40 teeth. But, this blade can cut finer because the blade does not tear the wood.

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