Start Your Sourdough Starter Now

Start Your Sourdough Starter Now

Sourdough bread kefir grains has many nutritional and health benefits over modern commercial yeast counterparts. This is the right time for you to try making sourdough bread because to make a sourdough starter you just need flour and water or you could even buy starters that available in the market. Throughout the long process of sourdough, the bacteria present in the starter (usually the species of lactobacillus) eat carbohydrates in the dough, producing lactic acid and acetate as byproducts. This acidity results in bread with a lower glycemic index (and longer shelf life). This makes sourdough a good choice for diabetics because it is digested more slowly, resulting in an increase in lower blood sugar levels and slower after eating.

Because it is digested more slowly, sourdough bread will even make you feel full longer. The sourdough process also helps damage common causes (such as FODMAPs as well as adhesives) which can cause bloating and digestive disorders in people with food intolerance as well as irritable bowel syndrome. Making sourdough also reduces the phytate content of the bread, meaning that important minerals such as zinc and magnesium are more easily absorbed.

Get started with your starters now. Ready to try your first starter yourself? You can also make your starter, get one from a friend or buy one online. No matter the source, each starter will contain a unique community of yeast and bacteria. This will change over time depending on how you feed it. Wait, feed? Yes, your starter is very much alive and, like pets, plants, or housemates, needs to tend to be organized to keep it growing. Feeding your starter is simple and your eating schedule will depend on how you plan to store it in the fridge for less frequent use or on the bench if you make bread every day or second day. Try to find a place to store and feed according to your lifestyle. This will prevent your starter from becoming “too needy”.

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