Start Learning to Drive from Driving Simulator

Start Learning to Drive from Driving Simulator

Simulation games are a category of games that emphasize real elements such as everyday life. There are many things to consider in this simulation game such as fuel, food, direction when driving a car, and many others. This time we will discuss driving simulators. Learning to drive a vehicle can now not only be done in the real world, you can also learn through a driving simulator to learn to drive a car.

All tools in the car must be known and understood so that they are not wrong when using them. Mainly, you have to know the function of the pedals that are under your feet. In cars with a manual transmission, the pedal on the far right is the gas pedal, while the pedal in the middle is the brake. In addition, there is a hand brake and transmission lever to the left of the driver’s seat. On the other hand, the leftmost pedal is the clutch pedal. This transmission lever functions to regulate the power and speed of the car, while for the hand brake, you can use it when you want to park or stop. You also have to know and understand the function of all the features in the car, such as the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) feature, cruise control, and other features.

Once you’re ready to drive a real car, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

Focus and Keep Calm
You must stay focused while learning to drive a car to avoid accidents that can endanger your life. Don’t play with your cell phone while learning to drive a car so you don’t get distracted. In addition, do not turn on music with a volume that is too high because it can also distract you while driving. Stay focused and calm. If a problem occurs, such as hitting another vehicle in front, don’t panic and stay calm so that you can immediately find a solution to overcome it.

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