Some Types Of Passenger Ships That We Should Know

Some Types Of Passenger Ships That We Should Know

Types of ships vary and have different functions. Ships are one of the most effective and efficient modes of transportation. This is because ships have a larger capacity and carrying capacity than land and air transportation modes. Passenger ships are one of the most common types we see. Many rich people own luxury boats for sale and use them for personal use, we can also see passenger ships for public transportation needs or tourist attractions.

Here are some types of passenger ships in the world:

Passenger ship
The first type of ship is the Passenger Ship or Passenger Ship. Passenger ships have a function to carry passengers in large numbers. There are several types of passenger ships, including cruise ships, ocean liners, and ferries.

– Cruise ship
A cruise ship is a type of passenger ship used for cruise voyage purposes. The purpose of passengers boarding a cruise ship is to enjoy the time they want to spend on the cruise ship.

Cruise ships have a variety of lodging facilities and equipment like star hotels. The cruise ship route always returns to the port of origin of its departure. So, cruise ships always start and end in the same place.

– Ocean Ship
The next type of ship is the Ocean Ship. This passenger ship is identical to a cruise ship. This type of ship has facilities similar to cruise ships such as lodging and equipment.

However, the travel route used on ocean liners is different from cruise ships. Ocean ships depart from one port to another. The Titanic is a type of ocean ship.

– Ferry
A ferry is a ship used for sea and river crossing transportation that carries heavy passengers and their vehicles. Usually, the vehicles that are transported vary. Starting from private cars, buses, trucks, to semi-trailers. Ferries are only used as sea and river crossings.

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