Scrubbing Tiles To Avoid Dullness

Tile is one of the materials used as floors and walls covering. The types also vary, ranging from color and texture to smooth or rough. In contrast to smooth tiles, tiles that have a rough surface have their way of cleaning it when it’s dull. It is easier to ask for help from tile cleaning service company. Try to always scrub the tiles regularly. Tiles that have a rough surface, of course, are treated differently and how to clean them compared to tiles that have a smooth surface as usual. You can use a brush made of nylon when scrubbing tile with this rough surface. There is nothing wrong if you add tile cleaning fluid to make it easier to scrub stubborn dull stains. Do this periodically to clean the dull stains.

There are various types of tiles, one of which has a slightly rough surface. This type of tile is usually intended for outdoor use. However, dirt also has the potential to make tiles rougher. Therefore, sweeping tiles regularly can minimize dull stains on tiles. How to clean this dull rough tile you can do regularly twice a day, every morning and evening. Make sure you minimize the stains that can make the tile surface dull and even rougher. One of the secrets that you need to know, to keep the rough, dull tiles from being dirty is to mop them every day.

Maybe for some people, mopping is a schedule that is done once a week. Mopping is one way to clean rough tiles. When mopping this rough tile, make sure you don’t use floor cleaner. The reason is, this floor cleaning fluid can leave a sticky impression that makes dirt stick more easily, so instead of lifting the stain, it makes the stain more dull and stubborn. One of the next tips for cleaning dull, rough tiles is to use a soft, non-abrasive mop. The reason is, a rough cloth will scratch the tile deeper so that the surface becomes even rougher to the touch. For that, you must pay attention to the type of fabric you use.

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