Rug Cleaning Methods by Carpet Cleaning North Shore

Rug Cleaning Methods by Carpet Cleaning North Shore

Rugs aren’t just cleaned; at modern carpet cleaning North Shore, we make them appear as though they were just taken off the showroom floor. You’ll be left speechless by the diversity of rug cleaning techniques our team of talented specialists employs. Listed below are just a few of our favorites:

It’s like giving your rug a spa day with steam cleaning. Our high-pressure steam will thoroughly clean and sanitize your rug, leaving it fresh and renewed. It’s comparable to a hot shower for your rug without the associated water expenditure.

For delicate rugs that can’t stand the dampness of steam cleaning, dry cleaning is the ideal solution. We carefully remove dirt and stains using a specific dry cleaning solution without harming the rug’s fibers. For your rug, it’s like a soft hug without awkwardness.

Shampooing – This technique works well on filthy rugs. We use a specialized rug shampoo that gets deep into the fibers and dissolves stains and grime. It works similarly to a power wash for rugs but is much quieter.

Spot cleaning: Use this technique to get rid of stubborn stains. We employ a sophisticated spot-cleaning method that eliminates specific stains without causing any harm to your rug. Your rug has a superhero-like quality but without the cape.

But more than that, our rug cleaning procedures set us apart from the competition. It’s also our clever method of cleaning. Rug cleaning isn’t the most thrilling activity in the world, but we make it enjoyable. Our technicians perform like stand-up comedians, using a rug-cleaning instrument instead of a microphone. You’ll laugh so hard at them that you won’t even remember you’re having your rug cleaned.

We take rug cleaning very seriously at Carpet Cleaning North Shore but must take ourselves more seriously. We’re the Will Ferrell of the cleaning business; we’re competent but know how to have a good time.

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