Removing Stains From Carpet

Removing Stains From Carpet

When creating a gathering together at home, eating a meal is one of the inseparable agendas. Usually, besides the main course, you also provide additional dishes for a distraction, such as pastries and cold drinks or soft drinks. What often happens, this drink is spilled on the floor or your favourite carpet. If left too long, these soft drinks — especially coloured ones, will leave stains that are difficult to clean. Don’t worry, once the drink spills, there are many things you could do to remove the spill so it would not stain your carpet. The easiest way is to call water damage carpet service to help you get rid of the stains quickly and without any hassle. However, there are also things you could do to prevent the stains from forming on the carpet. find this related article now

First, you need to press the affected area with a dry cloth. Then you have to pour 70% alcohol or isopropyl alcohol on a cloth. Tap the cloth on the affected part of the drink. Do not let the alcohol hit the back of the carpet which is usually made of rubber, as alcohol can damage the rubber. Also, don’t rub the carpet or make circular motions, as alcohol can damage the texture of the carpet. Or you try to use laundry soap. Pour in the diluted liquid detergent (1 litre of water plus ½ tablespoon of liquid dish soap). Rub in a circular motion and after that you need to rinse. Rinse with clean water to get rid of the leftover soap. Dry by pressing the dry cloth on the wet part.

Another way you could do is by using hydrogen peroxide. If the stain persists, dampen the stain with 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can be purchased at a chemical or drug store. Leave for 1 hour. Press with a dry cloth and repeat if necessary (no need to rinse). Put a few rags over the stained area and overlap with bricks or thick books until it dries. But if the stain persisted, you could always use professional carpet cleaning service to get rid of the problem.

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