Remove Scratches from Your Car

Remove Scratches from Your Car

Sometimes the problem often encountered by car owners is scratches on the outside body. Generally, a car scratch or scratch can occur at any time, either due to the friction of twigs, when the vehicle is about to be parked, children’s mischief, chicken or cat scratches, and so on. Surely it will damage the appearance of the vehicle. Indeed this can be fixed in the workshop. In addition to that, if you are looking for the best wholesale auto parts, you can simply visit our website and look for various auto parts brand to buy.

However, some people prefer to save up their money unless the damage to their car is too severe. Moreover, the scratch is not too much. So, how to remove scratches on the car paint or just disguise your car scratches?

Here are the ways how:

1. Specify Depth of Scratches
After making sure that the scratches really need to be fixed, find out the depth. This will determine the actions you will later fix. If it is not severe you can do the next action. If it is severe it is better to leave it to the magic set.

2. Apply Polishing Compound
Spread the polishing compound using glossy pads around the scratched part. Basically, a polishing compound is used to remove scratches from the car.

3. Wash Parts Provided with Water
Use clean water and towels to remove residual residue from the surface of the paint compound. If the compound goes into the cracks, use a toothbrush to clean it.

4. Do Repeatedly Until the Scratches Is Missing
Keep doing that until the scratch is gone, you can add good quality carnauba candles to the surface, then glue the affected surface. Make sure all the scratches are gone and the repaired part is already very shiny and rejects water easily.

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