Prayer Brings Us Closer To God

Prayer is the answer to life situations that we face. How often we feel or are made to feel that prayer is something that seems to have nothing to do with or separated from life. We feel that to be able to pray we must abandon our activities, disconnect ourselves from all the activities of the world, look for a separate place, a holy place, think of everything that is pious, or repeat prayer through our lips. None of that is essential to prayer. In this stressful life, prayer is anything that spontaneously arises from our hearts in response to life situations that we face. We use a prayer request to make sure our prayer be heard and granted by God.

It was said, that at first human did not have a special formula for their prayers. For them to pray is to cry out, shout, be grateful, be happy, ask, ask for forgiveness, according to how a person at that time is concerning God. First of all something happens to us. A friend dies, a child smiles sweetly at us, a grandmother refuses to grow old, a person who reaches adulthood finds himself, feels very hurt because his weaknesses are revealed, we unexpectedly get a kiss from loved ones. First of all something happens. And our foremost effort is to look for motivations or reasons that are not good. Everything that is planned perfectly fails, but plans that are not seriously thought out, actually succeed. What becomes the only goal you want to achieve, experienced otherwise. When we reflect on everything that happened, we stand transfixed rigidly and do not know why this happened.

First things happen. In such times, we feel thrown back at ourselves. Or rather we confronted with an unanswered my, a situation like this jerks our consciousness into something else, who is present, the mercy, from whom we can come and go. Awareness of this mystery comes to us suddenly. This breaks the rhythm of our daily routine, demands special attention, and forces us to dialogue with it. In situations like this we might scream, or laugh, dance or cry, sing or slap. However, whatever our answers and responses, this is a line of the prayer, this is the human conscience that wants to return to the touch of God.

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