Practical Vacuum Bag for Packing

Practical Vacuum Bag for Packing

When packing, every traveler will want to bring a lot of the items needed. Moreover, to look stylish, it feels like one wardrobe wants to be carried entirely. However, the unwillingness to carry luggage that is too big is often a problem for many people. For that, a traveling vacuum bags is needed to compress all the clothes you carry so that they can fit all into the suitcase. Visit Google and get more info.

A vacuum bag is a plastic bag that is very practical for storing or carrying goods considering its function that is able to remove the air in it. That way, the luggage that is vacuumed will be more compact so that you can load even more items in the suitcase. However, what kind of vacuum bag is actually suitable for greasing?

For those of you who want to pack with small suitcases, the Small Size Vacuum Bag can be a solution to accommodate lots of items in one suitcase. This type of vacuum bag can not only be used to store clothes but can also be used to store other items such as accessories, hats, and scarves. The size is also minimalist, which is 50 x 60 cm. Suitable for tucking in tight luggage areas. To use a Small Size Vacuum Bag, you need a vacuum cleaner or pump. However, even an ordinary vacuum cleaner can be used to compress the air in it. This travel vacuum bag is able to protect items from water, mold, and dust so that the items you carry will not be damaged even if the suitcase is hit by a shock.

Both have the same function, the difference between a Big Size Vacuum Bag and a Small Size Vacuum Bag is only in size. Typically, it is 70 x 100 cm. For those of you who are going to travel abroad in winter, it is recommended to use a big size vacuum bag to maximize the packing of thick clothes. Yep, the Big Size Vacuum Bag is more intended for packing large and thick items such as jackets, blankets, and pillows. Besides being able to load a lot of stuff, another advantage of this vacuum bag is that the price is not too expensive so it won’t dry out the wallet.

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