PC Owners Must Avoid These Mistakes To Maintain Their PCs

PC Owners Must Avoid These Mistakes To Maintain Their PCs

What is sometimes underestimated by computer/laptop users is how to turn off / shut down that is not in accordance with the procedure. Do the computer shut down in the way it should be done by clicking on the shutdown button. Try not to turn off the computer by losing power, such as a power failure or turning off the computer by unplugging the switch from the socket. This is very dangerous to the stability of the computer system and hard disk and CPU so that if it happens continuously it will affect the age of your computer. Apart from that, if you want to read more news about the latest hardware, we suggest you visit Tec101.

In addition, an internet connection that comes from a modem or wifi certainly requires a strong signal so that the data transfer process can be done optimally. But it seems you will not find it if the weather conditions outside the house are bad and heavy rain, this is due to the influence of the weather which can disrupt the signal. Not only that, forcing a computer/laptop to continue to be connected to the internet connection during heavy rain is also at risk of lightning strikes that can disrupt the computer network so that not infrequently the computer/laptop will turn off completely suddenly.

Moreover, sometimes uninstalling unused programs may seem trivial but unnoticed by the PC owner. There are many applications and programs that are stored and running on a computer/laptop can affect the performance of the hard drive which due to the accumulation of memory capacity of these programs will eventually aggravate the performance of the hard disk.

Finally, playing a laptop in the room and on the mattress does feel quite exciting. However, things like that are not very good and are not recommended to do, this is because the mattress or other objects made from soft and soft can absorb heat and not waste heat so that the heat released by the laptop will be stored and over time your laptop will overheat.

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