Operation Mechagon Boost – Garbage day!

Operation Mechagon Boost – Garbage day!

gnOwO what’s this? A megadungeon filled with cool bosses, epic loots and fantastic versatile mounts? It sure is, and the run can be arranged even today with the purchase of Operation Mechagon Boost on our platform!

Sure, the mechagnomes are a bizarre match to a naga-centric piece of content. Still, the Curse of Flesh plotline and King Mechagon’s intentions fit into the overall narrative. By this point we already know that the trash gnomes and the Rustbolt resistance have never asked for this, so now it’s your turn to help resolve the ongoing crisis! The dungeon features much-beloved “Hard Mode” feature which was extremely popular back in Wrath of the Lich King raid dungeon called Ulduar. What’s more, it features a unique, customizable trinket, which can go up even to ilvl 435 in its original Mythic mode!

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