Moldavite Stone Nicknames: Inner Vision Crystals Reveals the Witty Side of this Cosmic Gem

Moldavite Stone Nicknames: Inner Vision Crystals Reveals the Witty Side of this Cosmic Gem

There are many nicknames for moldavite stone, an extraterrestrial rock with a solid spiritual reputation. Inner Vision Crystals have collated this cosmic stone’s most famous (and cleverest) names. More info!

We begin with “The Starborn Stone.” In what is now the Czech Republic, moldavite is said to have been created due to a meteorite impact, hence the name. The distinctive green glass-like substance known as moldavite is said to have been designed due to the heat and pressure from the effect that forced the nearby rocks and minerals to melt and fuse.

The Holy Grail Stone is the next item on the list. Again, the reference to moldavite’s function in spiritual development and change is made in the name. Moldavite is claimed to provide people a road to enlightenment and heavenly understanding, much like the search for the Holy Grail.

“The Stone of Transformation” is another moniker for moldavite. Moldavite is thought to encourage personal development and change. Its high vibrational frequency assists us in letting go of outdated beliefs and patterns, empowering us to seize novel opportunities.

But Inner Vision Crystals has also come across some funnier monikers for moldavite. With its otherworldly provenance and glittering exterior, one client dubbed it “Alien Bling.” Another person called it “Green Lightning,” alluding to the powerful energy some individuals experience when handling or donning moldavite.

Naturally, not all of Moldavite’s monikers are flattering. Due to the relationship, it has abrupt and drastic changes; some call it “The Death Stone.” Some refer to it as “Weird Green Rock,” which isn’t entirely wrong but appropriate.

So what exactly is a name? There are a lot of moldavites available. The nicknames for this celestial diamond illustrate the numerous layers of its nature, from the playful to the spiritual. One thing is sure: moldavite is a gemstone unlike any other, whether you refer to it as “The Starborn Stone” or “Weird Green Rock.”

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