Men Can Look Stylish By Wearing Sweatshirts

Men Can Look Stylish By Wearing Sweatshirts

You may have heard the word ‘sweater’ often or even used it. But did you know that ‘sweater’ and ‘sweatshirt’ are two different things? Sweaters are often found in the form of knits or other premium materials which make them ideal for formal and casual looks. The sweater can also be combined with a suit. While sweatshirt is made from jersey cotton and is often used for sporting purposes. Now, which one do you use more often? Apart from that, if you are not interested in sweatshirts that you can buy in stores, we recommend you to make your own sweatshirt.

Choosing the right sweatshirt

There are several points to consider when choosing a sweatshirt to make it look more stylish and casual. The classic sweatshirt is made of 100 percent cotton with loopback technique stitches and tends to be heavier on the stitches. For modern sweatshirts, there is a mixture of cotton and polyester which is thinner but still strong and tight. Cotton jersey is the best material in terms of comfort and durability so it is commonly used for sporting purposes.

Classic sweatshirts tend to have a more loose size, while contemporary sweatshirts tend to fit the body, especially on the shoulders and waist. The choice depends on the user, but it is recommended to choose a size that is more slim-fit for a smart appearance and can be combined with slim-fit or chino jeans. Loose sweatshirts that you can use to climb mountains on weekends.

How to mix and match sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is very functional. Many of the world’s top celebrities use it on several occasions and the following references you can try:

Sweatshirt with jeans

Sweatshirt and jeans are the equivalents of fashion that is timeless. Both have a loose and fitting size that can be chosen to support your casual style. In terms of color, you can adjust it to the color of denim used, both matching and contrast. Details become an appearance bonus, for example through logos, zippers to motifs that can be chosen according to taste.

Sweatshirt with chino

Chino gives the impression of a natural casual look and it fits well with sweatshirts that fit the body or with t-shirts, collared clothes, or polo for an ‘effortless’ look.

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