Let’s Know More About Sticker Materials

Let’s Know More About Sticker Materials

Stickers consist of three different materials, namely: carrier material, adhesive material and release paper or better known as silicone paper. Carrier material is a type of material that can be printed and coated with adhesive material, it can be a material that has high porosity such as paper or other cellulose materials or other materials made from plastic or metal that are suitable for making custom stickers.

For non-polar materials such as PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) plastics which are mostly produced at competitive prices, special treatment must be carried out to increase the surface tension so that they can be printed and coated with adhesives, generally using corona treatment which is carried out online before the printing process. take place. As for other plastic materials such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and PC (polycarbonate), the surface can be printed and coated with adhesive material without special treatment.

While the adhesive material is a material that can be coated on a carrier material and can be glued to other materials. The type of adhesive used for packaging applications can be distinguished by the solvent and the application process. Some adhesives are made from water solvents or made from oil solvents, some adhesives must be heated before the coating process is carried out which is called hotmelt glue.

The basic materials for making adhesives for stickers or labels that are widely used are elastomeric polymers such as acrylic and basic polymers such as polystyrene. The choice of the base material is determined by the application of the label and the gluing process. One of the important things in the characteristics of the adhesive material is the adhesion and cohesion force of the adhesive material. These two forces are inversely proportional to the application, if the adhesion force or adhesion force is high, the cohesive force will be low and vice versa. This difference is largely determined by the composition of the elastomeric and polymer materials used in the process of making adhesives for stickers or labels.

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