Learn SEO For Beginners

Learn SEO For Beginners

How do you learn SEO that is easy, correct, and with immediate results? Maybe this is the question often asked by people who are just learning SEO. It’s very reasonable because we used to think like that when we first learned SEO. A lot of people want that once they finish writing the article, it will be indexed immediately and get a lot of traffic from search engines. If there is a lot of traffic, the revenue from advertising is also a lot. Moreover, at that time it was paid in dollars. It’s just that based on experience in the world of SEO, it turns out learning SEO is not that simple. There are many things we need to pay attention to if we want to be safe and to last a long time. You can also use http://presentfutureseo.over-blog.com service.

There are people who run SEO in ways that are unusual and tend to be spammy. They do a lot of blackhat SEO tricks such as keyword stuffing, backlink cattle, clickbait, and so on. Where these methods are not recommended by search engines (in this case Google). In terms of results, there are quite a few who have managed to occupy the top ranking in search results very quickly. However, every time there is an algorithm update from Google, they end up in chaos. The organic traffic they get drops. Some even don’t appear on the search results page (read: deindex).

Continue to explore what SEO is, how SEO works, and how to implement it. Don’t be afraid to try or even explore every SEO optimization method available. Although most of the tips and tricks are useful, they still give different results when applied. The reason is none other than the search engine algorithms that are always changing. What’s more, SEO optimization methods that work on other people’s websites may not necessarily provide the same results for your website. Therefore, you ask you to visit our website and we will help you.

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