Is It True That Possession Is Caused By Evil Spirits?

Is It True That Possession Is Caused By Evil Spirits?

Trance might be a terrible thing for some people because there are evil spirits that threaten them. Prayer for healing can help you get rid of these evil spirits if you don’t know what to do. However, before you confirm that a person possessed is caused by an evil spirit, you better read the conclusions of experts about this phenomenon of possession about prayer.

Experts from various fields have reviewed the trance phenomenon in terms of culture as well as medicine. They say, possession can be related to evil spirits, or not. A professor of psychology explained, based on his experience caring for patients possessed for decades, believes that the actual possessions are man-made.

For example, because the person does the Satanic or occult covenant, then he does good, he is attacked and oppressed by evil spirits, so that he acts unreasonably as an attempt to “save” himself.
Research has revealed that those who have strong beliefs in religious values ​​are more prone to possession, and that is intentional. The medium (intermediary) or possessed person, may be aware of the existence of his body – or not at all, even hear the sounds around, but all feels very far away. The reason is that possession is related to altered state of consciousness (ASC). So, it’s not lost control of the body and mind.

Unlike the case with dreaming during sleep, this situation is experienced by people when awake, as well as hypnosis, hallucinations, also meditation. At that conscious stage and not, changes occur in brain activity. This can be observed with the help of a scanner such as an electroencephalogram (EEG). A clinical psychologist says that in a conscious state our mind is active, and brain activity can be measured through beta waves.

Conversely, medium brain activity will decrease and the body slowly relaxes. Medium brain becomes less active to be more efficient in doing things. A condition of possession when the medium deliberately asks the spirits of the dead to possess it to write something. The deeper a person experiences being possessed, the more passive the body’s organs and several major areas in the brain such as the frontal lobe and hippocampus, as well as hearing. Thus, he said, possession cannot always be associated with mental disorders.

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